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Goals & Needs

Every collaborations starts with understanding your current needs, how the organisation is set up and what goals you have ahead of you. We define expectations and look into what people are working with and how you are working together.

Tailored program

Once the mapping is done we design a tailored growth hacking program that fits with your current initiatives. The content is always flexible as your needs may change along the way. The recommended duration for the program is one month.

Your arena

We agree on a starting date when we come over and start the onboarding process with your whole team. We will be present during the whole month and set up relevant workshops, lectures, hacks and naturally engage with your current projects.


As a final we go through learnings and outcomes, and discuss how you can continue using the tools and techniques as individuals within the organisation and as a team, from idea to implementation. Our goal is to foster a growth mindset so you feel confident to test and innovate further.


Who is it for?

  • If you’re looking to up your game
  • If you’re looking to implement teamwork culture
  • If you’re looking to raise competence and creativity in the workplace
  • If you’re looking for change that leads to growth

What will you learn?

  • Personal development and self-leadership
  • How to build a user base and better engaged audience
  • Tactics for growth and engagement
  • How to work with a range of data sets to create insight and strategies
  • Testing, conversion, and optimisation
  • A range of tools and techniques
  • A growth hacker’s mindset
  • Identify company challenges and opportunities
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Generate many solutions to a problem
  • How to prioritise efforts for maximum effectiveness
  • Ideate
  • Measure success

How will you learn?

  • Work on existing projects and challenges, no theoretical case studies here
  • We support and work alongside you
  • The program features workshops, lectures, hackathons
  • Through a collaborative approach

What will you get?

  • Library of tools and a growth hacking framework
  • Connect and better understand your consumers and users
  • A growth hacking foundation for future business
  • A company culture with growth hacking at its core
  • A flexible skillset that can face tomorrow’s challenges
  • A more efficient and engaged workforce
  • A better aligned team around company vision
  • Friends for life